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Télé Lumière

The town of Norwood has become home to many Haitian residents. After the recent earthquake, however, Norwood's Haitian community has grown once again—this time needing a lot more support to face the difficulties of a disaster back home while managing the challenges of life in a new place. Jean Jackson Luma, pastor of the Haitian congregation Norwood Church of God (l'Église de Dieu de Norwood), decided to ask NPA-TV for a hand. As one of the first groups to use NPA-TV's excellent new facilities, Norwood Church of God was able to start filming Télé Lumière, a monthly show in English, French and Creole, to address some of these difficulties and challenges.

Through Télé Lumière, Norwood Church of God orients Norwood's Haitian community in many ways: the show provides help with understanding legal status, counsel on how to avoid experiencing problems in a new culture, information about where to shop for everyday commodities in town, and advice on how to access medical care properly. Youth members of Norwood Church of God on the show also tackle problems that young Haitians have at school, helping students be more constructively involved in their classrooms, families, and the community at large. Télé Lumière feeds the soul as well as the mind, encouraging listeners to examine and grow in faith.

Finally, although this show has a Creole title, Télé Lumière is not only for Norwood's Haitians; through English translation provided by former Coakley Middle School French teacher Amy Kuiken, Télé Lumière invites all Norwood citizens to tune in. See the photos of Haiti's hardships and hopes, listen to the stories, and learn more about our Haitian brothers and sisters.